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DEUTZ TCG 914 Series Natural Gas Engine

3, 4 and 6-Cylinder Natural Gas Engines
32 – 114hp

DEUTZ TCG 914 engines are air-cooled 3-, 4- and 6-cylinder in-line engines. They are available both naturally aspirated, as well as turbocharged with charge air cooling.

Using several components of its heavy duty diesel engine counterpart, the TCG 914 Series is versatile, producing required power from dry natural gas.

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General Details
  • Alongside its mechanical reliability, the TCG 914 Series’ state-of-the-art ignition system, gas train and water-resistant connectors integrate to provide trouble-free operation in all climatic conditions.
  • The engine safety shut down control panel is functionally designed to provide all vital information on the engine’s speed, speed control, operating hours, battery voltage, oil pressure and oil temperature, at a glance.
  • The TCG 914’s programmable Electronic Control Unit (ECU) continuously monitors and adjusts ignition timing per individual load and engine speed variances under all conditions.
  • While extremely willing to perform, the TCG 914 Series efficiently achieves a fuel consumption rate of 8,943 kWh/kWh (3.5 btu/BHPH).
Technical Data


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