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Torqeedo Marine Drives Parts & Service Center – South Florida

As pioneers in the field of water-based electric propulsion (electric boat motors), Torqeedo electric motors & marine drives have set many standards with their superior technology and revolutionary benefits. All Torqeedo drive systems operate at record levels in both saltwater & freshwater, with regard to overall efficiency, determining potential power and range for a limited battery supply.

DEUTZ Power Center Florida (South) carries the most popular electric outboards and accessories from Torqeedo’s Cruise, Travel and Ultralight model lines. Inboard, saildrive and pod motors are also available, as well as the powerful Deep Blue and Deep Blue Hybrid systems for commercial vessels and yachts up to 120 feet.

Our sales team in south Florida understands the maritime industry and works closely with its customers to produce a custom solution that meets each customer’s specific commercial or recreational needs.

Which Torqeedo Models does DEUTZ support?

Torqeedo, a subsidiary of DEUTZ since 2017, utilizes electric and hybrid parts with power outputs between 0.5 and 100kW for commercial and leisure applications. This includes the popular Cruise, Travel Ultralight, and Deep Blue models.

Electric drives for pleasurecraft

The DEUTZ Power Center Florida – South stocks spare parts and complete drive systems for Torqeedo’s compact and powerful electric outboards, light and space-saving pod drives, and exceptional electric sail drives. All Ultralight, Travel, and Cruise systems are suitable for sailboats, dinghies, and yachts up to 120 feet.

Electric drives for motorboats

Whether you are a recreational client or an operator of commercial vessels, Deep Blue, Torqeedo’s high-performance outboard electric motor system is available up to 50kW. If it is extra power you are after, Deep Blue 100 kW inboard systems are available in two different models, one for speed boats and another for displacement boats.

World leaders in climate-friendly drive systems

Quiet, calm, and emission conscious. Torqeedo was the first company to commercially produce a Deep Blue outboard with an integral lithium battery in 2005. Since then, customers have come to trust the reliability and durability of Torqeedo electric and hybrid drives.

DEUTZ guarantee

The DEUTZ Power Center Florida – South, as with all other locations throughout the country, provides periodic and 24-hour emergency service and support for all DEUTZ engines and DEUTZ-powered equipment. We are proud to offer the same level of support for Torqeedo customers.

Our professionally trained service and support staff are on-site and ready to help you with any advice, installation, or repairs for Torqeedo’s climate-friendly drive systems.

DEUTZ can replace Torqeedo electric motor parts for you

  • Motor hub
  • Prop shaft
  • Shaft seal
  • Motor batteries
  • Motor bracket
  • O-ring seal installation
  • & more

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