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DEUTZ DPS 25 SG – 240v

DEUTZ DPS 25 SG - 240v Generator Sets are a fantastic solution for your power generator needs. DEUTZ Generators provide customers with unmatched quality, performance, & reliability. DPS Gensets come with various features & can meet a range of application requirements. Contact us today to learn more about these powerful, reliable generator sets.

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General Details

DEUTZ DPS 25 SG – 240V: Dependable Power Generation

The DEUTZ DPS 25 SG – 240V is your definitive solution for dependable power generation. Engineered with precision and outfitted with advanced features, this generator stands as a testament to innovation and performance.

Power Unleashed:

Operating at prime power (PRP) and standby power (LTP) levels of 19.2 kVA (19.2 kWe) and 20.2 kVA (20.2 kWe) respectively, the DPS 25 SG delivers unwavering power when you need it most. With a voltage of 240V/120V and frequency of 60Hz at a power factor of 1.0, this generator ensures consistent performance.

Engineered Excellence:

Featuring a robust DEUTZ F3M2011 engine, this generator incorporates 3 cylinders for efficient power production. Running at 1800 RPM and with a cubic capacity of 2.33 L, it guarantees seamless power delivery. The aspirated air intake and mechanical governor reflect a focus on reliability.

Total Control:

The DPS 25 SG boasts a DEEP SEA DSE4520 MKII control system, providing precise management of your power supply. Programable outputs for fuel, start, and common faults ensure optimal performance, while its configurable nature via fascia or PC using USB communication offers unparalleled convenience.

Fuel Efficiency:

Efficiency and economy are paramount. The generator consumes fuel at rates as low as 2.1 l/h at 25% PRP, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability while maintaining top-tier performance.

Advanced Alternator:

Equipped with a Stamford S1L2-K alternator, this generator offers robust performance and reliability. The double delta connection and 2-phase + N phases provide versatile power output, while the AS540 electronic regulator ensures stable electricity generation.

Enhanced Design:

Packaged in an acoustic canopy, the DPS 25 SG offers efficient sound insulation, with a sound pressure of 69 dB(A) at 7 meters. Its compact dimensions – 1980 mm (length) x 924 mm (width) x 1200 mm (height) – make it adaptable to a variety of spaces, all while maintaining a dry mass of ~690 kg.

Comprehensive Accessories:

Experience enhanced usability with included features such as a battery charger, main circuit breaker, external stop button, and oil extraction pump. This generator also showcases mains monitoring capability for added peace of mind.

Real World Applications:

Designed to excel under real-world conditions, the DPS 25 SG adheres to Stage 2 EPA standards, with exceptional exhaust temperature management and cooling capabilities. Its 90-liter standard tank ensures extended operation, delivering reliable power during extended periods.

Your Power Partner:

Innovation, efficiency, and reliability converge in the DEUTZ DPS 25 SG – 240V. Whether for backup power or continuous operation, this generator stands as a testament to engineering excellence, offering peace of mind and performance that never wavers. Choose the DPS 25 SG – 240V for power you can rely on.

Technical Details
DPS 25 SG - 240V
Main data
Prime power (PRP)19.2 (kVA)
Prime power (PRP)19.2 (kWe)
Standby power (LTP)20.2 (kVA)
Standby power (LTP)20.2 (kWe)
Voltage, frequency, pf240V/120V, 60HZ @ 1.0
Sound pressure 7m dB(A)69
Performance class (ISO 8528)G2
Engine brandDEUTZ
Engine modelF3M2011
Speed1800 rpm
Cubic capacity2.33 L
Air intakeAspirated
Standard voltage12Vdc
BMEP700 kPa
Flywheel P.R.P. power22.6 kW
Flywheel standby power23.8 kW
Governor classG2
Governor typeMechanical
Oil Quantity6 L
Engine coolant capacity9 L
Radiator standardROA
Heat from radiator14.0 kW
Heat from exhaustNA
Heat from radiation3.0 kW
Exhaust temperature520 deg C
Cooling air flow1290 m3/h
Combustion air volume104 m3/h
Exhaust gas flow295 m3/h
TA LuftStandard
TA Luft/2NA
StageStage 2
Alternator brandStamford
Alternator modelS1L2-K
ConnectionDouble Delta
Phases2PH + N
Winding12 terminals Winding 311
Terminal number12 nr.
IP protection23
Electronic regulatorAS540
Precision1.0 +/- %
ClassCont. H
Control system
Control system brandDEEP SEA
Control system modelDSE4520 MKII
Fuel consumption
Fuel Cons. @ 100% (LTP)7.0 l/h
Fuel Cons. @ 100% (PRP)6.7 l/h
Fuel Cons. @ 75% (PRP)4.8 l/h
Fuel Cons. @ 50% (PRP)3.4 l/h
Fuel Cons. @ 25% (PRP)2.1 l/h
Dimensions & weight(Acoustic canopy)
Length1980 mm
Width924 mm
Height1200 mm
Mass (Dry)~690kg
Base frame(Acoustic canopy)
Base frame modelC 20
Standard tank90 litres
Included accessories
Battery charger
Main circuit breaker
External stop button
Oil extraction pump
Included features
Mains monitoring capability
Configurable via fascia or PC using USB communication
Programable outputs for fuel, start and common fault
Reference conditions
Standard reference condition temp.25 deg C
Altitude100 masl
Relative humidity30%
Atmospheric pressure100 kpa
Power factor0.8 lag
Balanced loadNon-distortional
Rating Definitions

P.R.P. Prime power-continuous power at variable load

The power that a generator can supply in continuous service at a variable load for an unlimited number of hours per year while respecting the maintenance intervals established in the environmental conditions stated by the manufacturer according to ISO8528-1. The average power supplied over time and any applicable overload must be less than the percentages stated by the manufacturer.

L.T.P. Limited-time running power-limited power

The maximum power that a generator can supply for a limited time respecting the maintenance intervals established in the environmental conditions stated by the manufacturer according to ISO8528-1. The number of hours per year is stated by the manufacturer. Overload is not permitted.

Fuel consumption is nominal and refers to specific weight 0.850kg/l.

Sound power levels refer to free field conditions: Installation site may influence the values.

Dimensions, weights, and other specifications contained in the technical data sheet and related attachments are nominal, subject to tolerances and refer to the model with standard equipment. Any optional and additional equipment / accessories can modify weight, dimensions, and performance.

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