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DEUTZ TCD 3.6 L4 Power Pack

Minimize installation costs and maintenance costs with our easy-to-install engines boasting robust engine design. A range of fuel consumption levels and power ratings are available, and every model in our collection offers optimum engine performance. Our customer friendly team is available to guide you in your selection.

DEUTZ engines are suitable for a range of industrial applications, and standard applications include the agricultural market. You'll enjoy consistent and dependable power output thanks to the strong performance of our engines. A range of friendly accessories are also available.

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General Details
  • DEUTZ factory-built Power Packs are compact, ready-to-install engine solutions for mobile machinery. Designed for use in the construction, agricultural and industrial markets, each Power Pack is fully tested and validated to offer a robust and completely integrated power package. Not only are they easy to install, but they also offer the industry’s lowest installed and operational costs. And, they come with the same exclusive warranty as new DEUTZ engines.
  • The DEUTZ TCD 3.6 complete “drop-in,” ready-to-run packages are available with the unique option of a high powered (75hp) auxiliary-gear-driven side PTO, suitable for driving compact hydraulic pumps and compressors for OEM equipment.
  • All normally aspirated and turbocharged 3.6 Power Pack units comply with EPA Tier 4 Final. Turbo-charged and charge-air-turbo-charged models range from 60 to 135hp (45 -100 kW).
  • Power Packs are available in three different versions: Pedestal, Open Skid and Closed Skid. Each version is supported with a large range of options and accessories. Both the Open Skid and Closed Skid Power Packs are free-standing.
  • Power Packs feature newly designed, water-cooled, 4-cylinder, inline diesel engines with cooled, external-exhaust-gas recirculation. The engine range meets current North American emission requirements, with versions available for export to lower regulated countries (LRC).
  • Use of a DVERT® oxidation catalyst (DOC) enables maintenance-free operation under all applications and ambient conditions. The DOC is a modular exhaust after-treatment (EAT) that comes pre-mounted to the engine, maintaining a compact design. Each unit includes a cooling package, and engines can be equipped with a suction or pusher fan.
  • Suitable for “downsizing,” this power range of DEUTZ engines can replace Tier 3 (flex) 4.5-liter engines while offering the same performance and reliability associated with all DEUTZ engines and powered equipment.
Technical Data
Engine TypeTD 3.6 L4TCD 3.6 L4 HTTCD 3.6 L4
No. of cylinders444
Bore/strokemm | in98/120 | 3.9/4.798/120 | 3.9/4.798/120 | 3.9/4.7
Displacementl | cu in3.6 |2213.6 |2213.6 |221
Max. nominal speedmin -1 | rpm260023002300
Engine TypeTD 3.6 L4TCD 3.6 L4 HTTCD 3.6 L4
Power output as per ISO 14396 1)kW | hp55.4 | 742300100 | 136
at speedmin -1 | rpm260023002300
Max. torqueNm | lb/ft330 | 243390 | 288500 | 369
at speedmin -1 | rpm160013001600
Minimum idling speedmin -1 | rpm800800800
Specifc fuel consumption 2)g/kWh | lb/hph220 | 0.36210 | 0.35210| 0.35
Engine Weight as per DIN 70020 Part 7A 3)kg| lb350 | 772350 | 772350 | 772


  1. Power data without deduction of fan power.
  2. Best point consumption refers to diesel with a density of 0.835 kg/dm3 at 15°C.
  3. Without starter/alternator, cooler and fluids but with flywheel and flywheel housing.

The data on this data sheet are for information purposes only and are not binding values. The data in the quotation is definitive.

BOMDescriptionConfigurationmm/innote A (mm)A (in)B (mm)B (in)C (mm)C (in)D (mm)D (in)
81412253TD 3.6OPENunbalanced130351.382832.6121547.8
81412254TD 3.6CLOSEDunbalanced130451.382832.6140155.2
81412510TD 3.6PEDESTALbalanced107742.477030.3135453.3
81413843TCD 3.6PEDESTALbalanced116946.077130.4115745.6
81413850TCD 3.6CLOSEDunbalanced148058.3135753.4145557.3
81413867TCD 3.6OPENunbalanced148058.3172067.7145557.3
TD 3.6 Pedestal Power Packmm/in1077/42.4770/30.31354/53.3
TCD 3.6 Pedestal Power Packmm/in1169/46.0771/30.41157/45.6
TD 3.6 Open Power Pack mm/in1303/51.3828/32.61215/47.8
TCD 3.6 Open Power Pack mm/in1480/58.31720/67.71455/57.3
TD 3.6 Closed Power Packmm/in1304/51.4828/32.61401/55.2
TCD 3.6 Closed Power Packmm/in1480/58.31357/53.41455/57.3

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