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DEUTZ TCD 9.0 L4 Power Pack

DEUTZ is internationally known for the manufacture of diesel engines. The DEUTZ TCD 9.0 is an innovative engine that boasts a compact engine design. Thanks to its easy installation, the installation cost is greatly reduced. It's suitable for heavy-duty applications such as industrial, agricultural, and construction markets.

Despite its compact size, you can expect optimum engine performance from the DEUTZ TCD 9.0. This is what makes it the ideal solution for so many. Contact our customer-friendly team if you're interested in friendly accessories or if you have any other customer service inquiries.

At DEUTZ, we have a wide range of diesel engine models available, and our engine portfolio is what has made us a market leader. Our family of engines differs in their power range, engine speed, and emission norms; however, you can expect the same reliable power and wide range of applications from every model we create.

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General Details
  • DEUTZ factory-built Power Packs are compact, ready-to-install engine solutions for mobile machinery.
  • Designed for use in the construction, agricultural and industrial markets, each Power Pack is fully tested and validated to offer a robust and completely integrated power package.
  • Not only are DEUTZ Power Packs easy to install, but they also offer the industry’s lowest installed and operational costs, and they come with the same exclusive warranty as new DEUTZ engines.
  • DEUTZ TCD 9.0 L4 Power Packs are available in ready-to-run, pedestal-mounted and open-configuration packages and are supported by a large range of options and accessories.
  • When installed in mobile machinery, these Power Packs offer features for regulated and unregulated markets with identical performances, cooling system requirements and interfaces. As a result, customers can use the same device design to meet different emission standards.
  • The robust design of the TCD 9.0 L4 is especially suited for the harshest requirements.
  • The TCD 9.0 L4 Power Packs feature a proven and robust water-cooled, balanced, 4-cylinder inline diesel engine.
  • The TCD 9.0 L4 Power Packs feature a proven and robust water-cooled, balanced, 4-cylinder inline diesel engine.
  • These engines meet the requirements of EU Stage V and US EPA Tier 4 with selective catalytic reduction (SCR). A version is also available for export to lower-regulated countries (LRC).
  • DEUTZ factory-built Power Packs offer the renowned performance and reliability associated with all DEUTZ engines and powered equipment. They’re ideal for use in a wide range of equipment, including:
    • De-watering pumps
    • Wood chippers
    • Agricultural machinery
    • Oil field pumps
    • Construction machinery
    • Generating sets
    • Irrigation pumps
    • Sewer vacuums and pumps
    • Specialty machinery

No matter where you are in the world, DEUTZ customer service is always at hand, ensuring optimal performance and maximum service life for your DEUTZ engines and equipment.

Technical Data
Engine TypeTCD 9.0 L4
No. of cylinders4
Bore/strokemm | in135/157 | 5.3/6.2
Displacementl | cu in9.0 | 550
Max. nominal speedmin -1 | rpm2100
Engine TypeTCD 9.0 L4
Power output as per ISO 14396 1)kW | hp304 | 413
at speedmin -1 | rpm1700-2100
Max. torqueNm | lb/ft1710 | 1261
at speedmin -1 | rpm1200 - 1600
Minimum idling speedmin -1 | rpm800
Weight as per DIN 70020 Part 7A2)kg| lb808 | 1781


  1. Power data without deduction of fan power
  2. Without starter/alternator, cooler and fluids but with flywheel and flywheel housing
TCD 9.0 L4 - Pedestalmm/in1261/49.61860/73.241737/68.4
TCD 9.0 L4 - Openmm/in1261/49.62354/92.72194/86.3

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