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DEUTZ G2.2 and G2.9 Natural Gas Engine

3 and 4-Cylinder Natural Gas Engines
35 – 73hp

The newly designed DEUTZ G 2.2 and G 2.9 are water-cooled 3- and 4-cylinder spark plug ignited LPG natural gas engines.

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General Details
  • Robust engine design for demanding industrial applications, based on the proven TCD 2.9 series.
  • Same footprint and major installation interfaces as the TCD 2.9 / 2.9 diesel engines, for ease of installation in diesel and gas powered machines.
  • Full electronic controlled LPG gas system, stoichiometric combustion, closed loop control, and knocking sensors to ensure lowest emissions and best performance at the same time.
  • Up to 1000 hour oil change intervals, maintenance-free valve train and optionally service-friendly multi-V belt drive result in low maintenance cost.
  • 100% power takeoff at flywheel and front end and additional side PTO drive with up to 120 Nm for the mounting of hydraulic pumps.
  • G 2.2 L3 is also available in a CNG fuel option.
  • G 2.9 L4 is also available in gasoline or bi-fuel options.
Technical Data
Engine typeG2.2 L3G 2.9 L4
No. of cylinders34
Bore/stroke (mm | in)92/110 | 3.6/4.392/110 | 3.6/4.3
Displacement (l | cu in)2,19 | 1332,92 | 177
Max. nominal speed (min-1 | rpm)2200-28002200-2800
Power output as per ISO 143961) (kW | hp)42 | 5754 | 72
at speed (min-1 | rpm)28002800
Max. torque (Nm | lb/ft)160 | 118215 | 159
at speed (min-1 | rpm)1300-16001400-1600
Minimum idling speed (min-1 | rpm)900900
Weight as per DIN 70020 Part 7A2) (kg | lb)200 | 441220 | 485
1)Power data without deduction of fan power.
2)Without starter/alternator, cooler and fluids but with flywheel housing.
Torque Curves


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