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DEUTZ Power Solutions Single-Phase Open Frame Genset

DEUTZ single-phase open frame diesel generators are extremely useful tools for a wide range of applications. Generally less powerful than our three-phase Gensets, the single-phase power generator is well-suited for use with agricultural equipment, or remote areas where power is less readily available. It also is applicable on construction sites and as an alternative when the main power supply is cut in residences and small commercial establishments.

A single-phase power generator may be all you need depending on your power requirements.

DEUTZ: Reliable and Built to Last

As with all our generator sets, the DEUTZ 50 HZ diesel generator and 60 HZ generator are manufactured and tested according to stringent DEUTZ standards. German manufactured, these machines are the highest quality products on the market, exhibiting exceptional performance and durability that DEUTZ is well known for.

Every single phase 60 HZ and 50 HZ diesel generator is built to last, reliable, fuel-efficient, and supported by the worldwide DEUTZ service network.

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General Details

Standard Configuration:

  • DEUTZ G-Drive engine (made in Germany)
  • Stamford brushless AVR electronic controlled generator
  • Digital Controller DSE 4520 for standby application
  • Electronic governor, standard on models 145, 230 and 280
  • Battery charger
  • Base-mounted fuel tank
  • Autonomy min 8 hs @ 75% PRP
  • Industrial silencer, delivery (loose)
  • Battery + isolator
  • Operation manual


  • Engine pre-heater kit
  • Cold climate starting kit
  • Electronic governor
  • Automatic transfer switch (loose)
  • Extended capacity fuel tanks
  • Leak retention basin
  • Engine oil extraction pump
Technical Details
DPS OPEN GENSET - 220v 0.8 pf single phase outputs - 50HZ
ModelDPS25 SG35 SG
Rated speedrpm15001500
Rated voltage, Voltage options220220
Rated power (PRP) 1 Ph- reconnectedkVA20.228
Rated power (LTP) 1 Ph- reconnectedkVA21.330.7
Rated power (PRP) 1 Ph- reconnectedkW16.222.4
Rated power (LTP) 1 Ph- reconnectedkW1724.6
Nominal current (LTP) 220 V phasesA89130
Rated COP/PRP mechanical powerkW22.129,0
Rated LTP mechanical powerkW24.535.2
EmissionsCertTier 0-2Tier 0-2
Cooling systemOilOil
Speed governingTypeMechanicalMechanical
Number of cylinders34
Engines configurationILIL
Electrical equipmentV/dc1212
ConnectionDouble DeltaDouble Delta
PhasesDouble Delta2PH+ N2PH + N
Electronic regulatorModelAS540AS540
Control Panel
Control panelMetal boxMountedMounted
Control moduleDeepsea4520 MKII4520 MKII
Automatic startDeepseaINCINC
On/off keyINCINC
Emergency stop buttonINCINC
Auto transfer switchOPTOPT
Battery chargerINCINC
Circuit breakerINCINC
Approx. Consumption
Fuel (75% of load)l/h45.7
Fuel (75% of load)USG/h1.11.5
Fuel (75% of load)g/Kwh218217
Noise Level
Exhaust silencerInternalINCINC

DPS OPEN GENSET - 240v 0.8 pf single phase outputs - 60HZ
ModelDPS25 SG35 SG50 SG65 SG110SG
Rated speedrpm18001800180018001800
Rated voltage, Voltage options240240240240240
Rated power (PRP) 1 Ph- reconnectedkVA2435.7486378.8
Rated power (LTP) 1 Ph- reconnectedkVA25.337.7506686.7
Rated power (PRP) 1 Ph- reconnectedkW19.228.638.450.460
Rated power (LTP) 1 Ph- reconnectedkW20.230.24052.869.3
Nominal current (LTP) 240 V phasesA104158208275360
Rated COP/PRP mechanical powerkW22.129,038,254,099
Rated LTP mechanical powerkW24.535.247.363.6110
EmissionsCertTier 0-2Tier 0-2Tier 0-2Tier 0Tier 0-2
Cooling systemOilOilOilOilWater
Speed governingTypeMechanicalMechanicalMechanicalMechanicalMechanical
Number of cylinders34444
Engines configurationILILILILIL
Electrical equipmentV/dc1212121212
ConnectionDouble DeltaDouble DeltaDouble DeltaDouble DeltaDouble Delta
PhasesDouble Delta2PH+ N2PH + N2PH + N2PH + N2PH + N
Electronic regulatorModelAS540AS540AS540AS540AS540
Control Panel
Control panelMetal boxMountedMountedMountedMountedMounted
Control moduleDeepsea4520 MKII4520 MKII4520 MKII4520 MKII4520 MKII
Automatic startDeepseaINCINCINCINCINC
Emergency stop buttonINCINCINCINCINC
Auto transfer switchOPTOPTOPTOPTOPT
Approx. Consumption
Fuel (75% of load)l/h45.77.610.418.4
Fuel (75% of load)USG/h1.11.522.84.9
Fuel (75% of load)g/Kwh218217215206211
Noise Level
Exhaust silencerInternalINCINCINCINCINC

Features and Benefits

Base Frame with Integrated Fuel Tank

Tough, Reliable, Efficient, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine.

The support feet have holes to permanently fasten the generating set on site. Also includes fuel and lubricant-resistant, rubber anti-vibration mountings and battery supports.

Reliable, Efficient, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine

Mechanical injection system with individual pump-line-injector system (only 2013 with common rail). Over 65 kVA electronic governor as standard and below that as an option. Operation with fuels with 500 ppm sulphur content is allowed. Over 1000 ppm possible with some precautions. Durable design in main components.

Fuel Savings & Low Operative Costs

Standard 500-hrs maintenance interval. Up to 1000 hrs for sub 65 kVA as option. Optimized for fuel consumption.

Paying Attention to the Details

Filler cap, fuel gauge, draining caps and sleeves to connect to any accessories.


DEUTZ is renowned for its durability, and these stringent standards apply to all design aspects of DPS gensets. High-quality, powder-coated painting ensures an enduring appearance over long periods.

Control Panel

The OG range control panel features:

  • On/Off key
  • Emergency stop button
  • Control module DEEP SEA® 4520 MKII
  • Primary brand circuit breakers


DSE4520 is a compact Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module. Monitoring an extensive number of engine parameters, the module displays warning, shut-down and engine status information on the LCD screen.

Rating Definitions

Prime Rating (PRP)

These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power(at variable load) in lieu of commercially purchased power. Operating at a max mean load factor at 80% of nominal power. There is no limitation on the annual hours of operation. DPS gensets deliver up to 10% overload power for one hour on a 12 hour period.

Standby Rating (LTP)

These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power(at variable load) in the event of utility power failure. No overload is permitted on these ratings. The alternator on this model is peak continuous rated (as defined in ISO 8528-3). Max operating hours 500 a year.

Standard Reference Conditions

Standard reference conditions include a 25°C(77°F) air inlet temp, 100m (328 ft) A.S.L. 30% humidity. Ratings in accordance with ISO 8528. Power factor cos φ 0.8. For de-rating factors depending on altitude and temperature please contact your DEUTZ® partner (for example TCD 2013 does not de-rate up to 40°C and 1500 m A.S.L).


All equipment carries the DEUTZ standard manufacturer’s warranty.

For details on warranty coverage, please contact your responsible sales partner or visit our website:

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