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DEUTZ TCD 2012 Series (Tier 3) Diesel Engine

4 or 6 Cylinder Diesel Engines
100 – 268hp
Tier 3

DEUTZ TCD 2012 diesel engines are liquid-cooled 4- and 6-cylinder in-line models. They feature a compact design, as well as a high power-to-volume-ratio.

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General Details
  • High-pressure fuel injection up to 1600 bar.
  • Electronic engine governor with diagnostic facilities and CAN-bus optional.
  • Three separate mounting options for gear-driven hydraulic pumps.
  • Easily accessible service points, located on one engine side.
  • Fast and powerful response to changing operating duties, dynamic power development.
  • High-operating economy thanks to low fuel consumption, long oil change intervals and low-maintenance requirement.
Technical Data
Engine typeTD 2012 L45)TCD 2012 L43)TCD 2012 L4TCD 2012 L6
No. of cylinders4446
Bore/stroke (mm | in)101/126|4.0/5.0101/126|4.0/5.0101/126|4.0/5.0101/126|4.0/5.0
Capacity (l | cu in)4.04 |2474.04 |2474.04 |2476.06 |370
Compression ratio18:0118:0118:0118:01
Nominal speeds (min-1 | rpm)2000 - 23002000 - 24002000 - 24002000 - 2400
Power output as per ISO 143961) (kW | hp)66 |88.588 |118103 |138155 |208
at speed (min-1 | rpm)2300240024002400
Max. torque (Nm | lb/ft)350 |258420 |310520 |384810 4)|597
at speed (min-1 | rpm)1600160016001600
Minimum idling speed (min-1 | rpm)900900650650
Specific fuel consumption2) (g/kWh | lb/hph)237|0.39216|0.355204|0.335208|0.342
Weightas per DIN 70020 Part 7A2) (kg | lb)400 |882400 |882400 |882510 |1124
1)Capacity data without deduction of fan capacity
2)Best full load consumption refers to diesel with a density of 0.835 kg/dm3 at 15°C | 6.96 lb/US gallon at 60°F
3)Without starter/dynamo, cooler and fluids but with flywheel and flywheel housing
4)850 Nm | 627 lb-ft with switched internal EGR (exhaust gas return)
5)Mechanical injection system
The data on this data sheet are for information purposes only and are not binding values. The data in the quotation is definitive.

Locate the Serial Number

Serial Numbers:
Engine BF6M2012C
B → Turbo
F → Highspeed, compact engine
6 → Number of cylinders
M → Liquid-Cooled
2012 → Engine family
C → Integrated cooled

Torque Curves


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