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DEUTZ TCG 2015 Series Natural Gas Engine

6 or 8-Cylinder Natural Gas Engines
220 – 322hp

DEUTZ TCG 2015 engines are water-cooled 90° V6 and V8 engines. They are turbocharged with charge air cooling, and offer a 24V electric starter with charging alternator.

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General Details
  • Fully-assembled and wired ignition system
  • Solid-state engine controller
  • Programmable speed controller
  • Engine-mounted dry-type air cleaner and turbocharger
  • Wet exhaust manifold for combined heat and power (CHP) applications
  • Engine gas train includes shut off valve, pressure regulator, fuel trim valve, Venturi mixer and throttle
  • SAE 1 flywheel housing
  • SAE 1 4” flywheel
  • Engine-mounted control panel with safety shutdowns for low oil pressure & high engine temperature
  • Flexible engine mounts, secured to a wooden transport frame for ease of installation
  • Single cooling circuit: water-to-air charge air cooling enables one water radiator to cool the entire engine.
  • Water-cooled exhaust manifolds and turbocharger provide Combined Heat and Power (CHP) capability.
  • Compact engine design allows reduced space requirements for lower installation costs.
  • Individual cylinder heads facilitate quick and cost-efficient repairs.
  • Wet cylinder liners: easy overhaul ensures extended life cycle and lowered operating costs
  • Gear-driven fan hub eliminates fan belt requirement for lower life cycle cost
  • Flexible cooling options include Water-To-Air Radiator (Heat Exchanger)  or Water-To-Water Heat Exchanger
  • Common turbocharger and charge air cooler for V6 and V8 models
Technical Data

Torque Curves


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