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DEUTZ D1.2 Diesel Engine

3-Cylinder, 1.18 Liter Diesel Engine
15 – 24hp
Tier 4 Final

The DEUTZ D1.2 is a water-cooled 3-cylinder inline diesel engine with cooled, external exhaust gas recirculation. It is available with and without turbocharging and optionally with and without charge air cooling.

Available in Power Pack configuration.

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General Details
  • Newly released 3-cylinder water-cooled, indirect injection diesel engine below 25hp.
  • Robust engine design for demanding industrial applications.
  • Certified for EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage V emission without the requirement of exhaust aftertreatment.
  • The highly-efficient combustion process ensures optimum engine performance, low noise and competitive fuel consumption.
  • Up to 250h oil change intervals, offering low maintenance costs and increased machine uptime.
  • The extremely compact engine design and customer-friendly accessories reduce the installation cost and increase the number of applications.
  • 100% power take-off at flywheel and front end, and additional side PTO drive for the mounting of hydraulic pumps.
  • The D1.2 will be available in pedestal power pack configuration with mounted cooling kit and SAE #5 housing.

Available in Power Pack configuration.

Technical Data
Engine typeD1.2 L3
No. of cylinders3
Bore/stroke (mm | in)78/82 | 3.07/3.23
Displacement (l | cu in)1.18 | 72.01
Max. nominal speed (min-1 | rpm)2200-2600
Power output as per ISO 143961) (kW | hp)17.9 | 24.0
at speed (min-1 | rpm)2600
Max. torque (Nm | lb/ft)65 | 48
at speed (min-1 | rpm)1800
Minimum idling speed (min-1 | rpm)1000
Weight as per DIN 70020 Part 7A2) (kg | lb)120 | 264
1)Power data without deduction of fan power.
2)Without starter/alternator, cooler and fluids but with flywheel housing.


Torque Curves

Engine TypeABC
D 1.2 L3mm | in500 | 19.7416 | 16.4647 | 25.5

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