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DEUTZ TCD 3.6 Diesel Engine

3.6 Liter Diesel Engine
74 – 136hp
Tier 4 Final

The DEUTZ TCD 3.6 Diesel Engine is a water-cooled 4-cylinder inline diesel engine with turbocharging and cooled external exhaust gas re-circulation. It is available both with and without charge air cooling.

Available in Power Pack configuration.

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General Details:
  • The TCD 3.6 provides exceptionally high torque, capable of doing the job of a much larger displacement engine.
  • Fuel and combustion processes have been optimized to minimize emissions and allow for simple exhaust aftertreatment
  • Use of an oxidation catalyst (DOC) enables maintenance-free operation under all applications and ambient conditions.
  • For 75hp and greater models, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is included as standard
  • A particulate filter (DPF) is available as an option.
  • The diesel engines come with a modular exhaust aftertreatment system (EAT) configuration including the option of engine-mounted systems. This simplifies machine integration for the OEM considerably and virtually means a drop-in solution.
  • The powerful DEUTZ Common Rail injection system and the electronic engine control (EMR 4) with intelligent link to the drive management ensure optimum engine performance at low fuel consumption.
  • Low maintenance costs and increased machine availability are achieved through 500 h oil change intervals and a maintenance-free valve train.
  • The extremely compact engine design and customer-friendly accessories reduce the installation costs and increase the number of applications.
  • 100% power take-off at flywheel and front end, and additionally up to two PTO drives with a total torque of up to 310 Nm.
  • The diesel engines meet the requirements of the Tier 4 56kW with an oxidation catalyst. Additionally for EU Stage IV / US Tier 4 >56kW with SCR. A variant without EAT is available as an option for less regulated markets.

Available in Power Pack configuration.

Technical Data
Engine typeTD 3.6 L4TCD 3.6 L4 HT**)TCD 3.6 L4TCD 3.6 L4 HP***)
No. of cylinders4444
Bore/stroke (mm | in)98/120 | 3.9/4.798/120 | 3.9/4.798/120 | 3.9/4.798/120 | 3.9/4.7
Displacement (l | cu in)3.6 | 2213.6 | 2213.6 | 2213.6 | 221
Max. nominal speed (min-1 | rpm)2600230023002300
Power output as per ISO 143961) (kW | hp)55.4 | 7455.4 | 74100 | 136105 | 141
at speed (min-1 | rpm)2600230023002300
Max. torque (Nm | lb/ft)330 | 2434)390 | 2885)500 | 369550 | 406
at speed (min-1 | rpm)1600130016001600
Minimum idling speed (min-1 | rpm)800800800800
Specific fuel consumption2) (g/kWh | lb/hph)220 | 0.36210 | 0.35210 | 0.35210 | 0.35
Weight as per DIN 70020 Part 7A3) (kg | lb)350 | 772350 | 772350 | 772350 | 772
**) HT = High Torque
* Based on the proposal by the EU Commission COM (2014) 581 final from 25.09.2014***) HP = High Power
1)Power data without deduction of fan power
2)Best point consumption refers to diesel with a density of 0.835 kg/dm3 at 15°C.
3)Without starter/alternator, cooler and fluids but with flywheel and flywheel housin
4)340 Nm | 251 lb/ft in Stage V
5)405 Nm | 299 lb/ft in Stage V
Torque Curves

*For specific ratings regarding EAT systems, please consult with DEUTZ application engineering.


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