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Buckner Companies Chooses DEUTZ Engines for Unbeatable Reliability


Buckner Companies is a 65-year old, family-owned business based in Graham, North Carolina. As a steel erector and supplier of heavy-lift conventional crawler cranes throughout North America, they maintain a fleet of 31 welding machines used on construction sites throughout the Southeast. In 2007, they purchased a group of welding machines equipped with DEUTZ engines and are pleased to report that all 31 are still running as expected.


Buckner Companies require welding machines that can withstand various challenging conditions, such as dust, cold, heat, and rain.

Additionally, they must be able to handle continual heavy-duty usage.

Buckner Companies require welding machines that can not only withstand challenging conditions such as dust, cold, heat, and rain but also must be able to handle heavy-duty use continually. To meet this requirement, they seek out welding machines with specialized features designed to provide the highest quality welds in any environment.


In 2007, Buckner Companies chose DEUTZ engines for their welders due to their well-known fuel efficiency and robustness. The engines’ capacity for heavy-duty use and dependability impressed the company. This has enabled the machines to operate without disruption, thus saving time and resources for the firm.


Buckner Companies have seen fantastic results from using DEUTZ engines – outstanding performance in difficult conditions, minimal maintenance and repairs required, and notable fuel economy. As a result of this positive experience, they are maintaining their commitment to DEUTZ engines and highly recommend them to anyone seeking reliable engines.


Buckner Companies has found the ideal solution for their heavy-duty needs with DEUTZ engines. The engines have been reliable, durable, and efficient, enabling Buckner Companies to complete projects on time and within budget. They highly recommend DEUTZ engines as a reliable and durable engine option.