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DEUTZ Genuine Spare Parts

Maximize Performance with Genuine DEUTZ Spare Parts

For optimal performance and longevity of your DEUTZ engines, choose Genuine DEUTZ spare parts. These parts are specifically designed, tested, and approved to ensure they meet the high standards required for maximum engine performance and service life.

Why Genuine Parts Matter

DEUTZ spare parts are engineered to endure extreme mechanical, thermal, and chemical stresses. Our rigorous testing and validation confirm their durability, wear behavior, performance, emissions, and fuel efficiency. Using genuine parts ensures your engine operates at peak efficiency, meets all regulatory requirements, and adheres to certified exhaust and noise emission standards.

How to order genuine DEUTZ Spare Parts?

Warranty and Support

Enjoy peace of mind with a 12-month warranty on all genuine DEUTZ spare parts, DEUTZ Xchange parts, and maintenance performed by DEUTZ service partners. Opt for our Lifetime Parts Warranty for an extended coverage of 5 years or 5,000 operating hours when installed by an authorized service partner.

Lifecycle Solutions

Benefit from cost-effective, all-encompassing service solutions throughout the life of your DEUTZ engine with our DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions, ranging from flexible repair kits to complete replacement engines.

S-DEUTZ Care Program

Join our S-DEUTZ Care Program for scheduled maintenance and a range of Genuine DEUTZ spare parts and telematics packages. Our carefree package ensures your engine remains safe and efficient.

Genuine DEUTZ Parts vs. Imitation Parts

DEUTZ engines demand the highest quality parts to maintain their performance and durability. Genuine DEUTZ parts are meticulously crafted and rigorously tested to ensure they outperform imitation parts, enhancing the engine’s efficiency and extending its service life.

How to identify genuine DEUTZ parts

Ensure you’re buying genuine with these indicators:

  • Use of exclusively DEUTZ-branded packaging
  • Sealing of the boxes with DEUTZ-branded adhesive tape
  • Presence of the DEUTZ hologram sticker
  • Safety labels with perforation that tears upon opening

Can you tell the difference between genuine DEUTZ parts and imitation parts?

Side-by-side comparison of two machine parts labeled "Genuine" and "Imitation," highlighting the difference in groove spacing with measurements of approximately 1.6 mm for the genuine part and 2.4 mm for the imitation.

Upon initial inspection, genuine and counterfeit parts appear similar, with differences that are difficult to detect visually. However, these small visual differences can have a major financial impact. The installation of a counterfeit part can ultimately lead to complete engine damage. Therefore, you
should only use genuine DEUTZ parts.

The risk of using counterfeit parts

Using non-genuine parts can void warranties, lead to costly repairs, and result in unknown risks from varying counterfeit part qualities.

Genuine DEUTZ Spare Parts Imitation Parts
ProductionProduced by DEUTZ or by suppliers audited in accordance with DEUTZ specifications.Manufacturing is not done by the DEUTZ or an official nominated supplier.
QualitySubject to permanent quality assurance measures.These are only based on the original part, and manufacturing is not done according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
ManufacturingThe necessary quality standard is ensured by a part-specific approval process.Manufacturing and production conditions are unknown.
ModificationAny modification is subject to approval.Quality cannot be assessed by operators and workshops.
PurchaseCan only be purchased from DEUTZ and its distributors, dealers or authorized service partners.Anywhere

Buy Genuine DEUTZ Parts to extend engine life.

To ensure your engine’s longevity and reliability, purchase your DEUTZ parts through an authorized DEUTZ service partner. Our global service network provides rapid support and 24-hour parts delivery, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Types of Genuine DEUTZ Spare Parts Available

Here’s our comprehensive range of genuine spare parts tailored for your DEUTZ engine.





Piston Liners




Piston Rods

Water Pumps

Oil Pumps

Charge Air Coolers

Injection Systems

Oil Coolers

Engine Control Units

Extending Engine Life with DEUTZ Maintenance Parts and Operating Fluids

DEUTZ maintenance parts offer maximum protection against premature wear and possible damage, extending the life of your DEUTZ engine. Of course, the right parts work best when teamed with the right operating fluids. Proper maintenance and genuine DEUTZ maintenance parts and operating fluids help you achieve the level of performance, reliability, and durability that you have come to expect from your DEUTZ engine. You can count on us to have DEUTZ gaskets, filters, and V-Belts, along with oils, additives, and coolant when you need them.

Learn more about DEUTZ maintenance parts and operating fluids.

DEUTZ Repair Kits Keep You Running

Deutz repair kits are fully customizable, cost-effective, and offer maximum operational safety. If you need to add any additional DEUTZ parts to your kit, your local DEUTZ Power Centers can provide you with a convenient one-stop source for Genuine DEUTZ parts. Learn more about DEUTZ custom parts kits.

Big Savings with DEUTZ Xchange Parts

DEUTZ Xchange parts are guaranteed for functionality, quality tested, and certified per original equipment specifications. Plus, DEUTZ exchange parts offer up to a 40% savings as compared to brand new DEUTZ engine parts. Learn more about DEUTZ Xchange parts.

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