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Case Study: R.R. Equipment Company – Success with DEUTZ Engines


R.R. Equipment Company is an international manufacturer of machinery for the recycling of concrete, asphalt, cinder block, and rock. Their products are employed in various scenarios, including mining, quarries and sand and gravel production. For over 12 years, they’ve utilized DEUTZ engines to power their machines due to their impressive power output, torque, fuel economy, and low emissions.


R.R. Equipment Company sought an engine that offered the desired horsepower and torque while conforming to their available space. This engine had to perform consistently under extreme cold and heat, moisture, and altitude. As R.R. Company’s machines are utilized worldwide, reliability was a significant priority; an engine with low failure rates, thus providing minimal downtime, was essential.


DEUTZ engines perfectly matched R.R. Equipment Company’s requirements, providing power and torque despite the limited space. The engines have successfully functioned in various circumstances, such as extreme temperatures, altitude, and humidity.

Moreover, the online time was satisfactory. The strong support of the distributor, concerning both supplying and maintenance services, was another crucial factor that weighed in their favor.


R.R. Equipment Company was delighted with their choice of DEUTZ engine for its high horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency levels. In addition, the engine met their requirements in a space-saving form and operated flawlessly under severe cold, heat, moisture, and altitude conditions. The company also experienced no downtime issues due to using the engine.

Moreover, due to its low emissions credentials, which aligned with R.R Equipment Company’s environmentally sensitive nature when producing recyclable products, it had been used to great success as part of its marketing campaign to promote the product worldwide. In conclusion, R.R. Equipment has been able to distribute their machines worldwide confidently, held secure in the knowledge that DEUTZ’s engines are highly efficient and reliable with excellent performance abilities.