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How DEUTZ Engines Earned Sunbelt Rentals’ Trust with Reliability and Customer Service


Sunbelt Rentals, a leading equipment rental company, trusts DEUTZ Engines to power its extensive fleet of man lifts, scissor lifts, and reach forklifts. Sunbelt Rentals, whose Houston branch alone has an approximate worth of $33 million, relies on these engines’ reliability and robust performance as its business operates 24/7. This case study examines how DEUTZ Engines earned this trust by providing excellent customer service and reliable engines, resulting in a long-standing partnership with Sunbelt.


Brian Boston, the branch manager of Sunbelt Rentals’ aerial work platform branch in Houston, has been using DEUTZ Engines to power his equipment for 14 years. Brian appreciates the reliability of DEUTZ Engines, with some of his machines running for over 6,000 hours and still performing well. Brian also values the customer service he receives from DEUTZ when issues arise, noting that “the mark of a good company is how you deal with stuff when things go bad.”


Sunbelt Rentals faces a key challenge of ensuring their equipment fleet is consistently operational and accessible for customers – who may require it at peculiar hours or in urgent situations. This necessitates dependable engines capable of withstanding intensive use without malfunctioning.

Sunbelt Rentals is a leading provider of rental equipment for construction and industrial projects. With its Houston branch featuring an extensive fleet of over 8,000 pieces of machinery and tools, Sunbelt Rentals has become a trusted partner to many businesses, offering reliable solutions in the most demanding circumstances.

However, ensuring their equipment fleet is always operational and accessible for customers poses a significant challenge.


DEUTZ Engines have proved to be a reliable solution for Sunbelt Rentals. The engines are robust and dependable and are built to tolerate heavy usage in demanding environments. The company’s customer service personnel are always on hand to assist with queries, guaranteeing that Sunbelt Rentals’ equipment stays running and can fulfill customer requirements.


Sunbelt Rentals (Brian Boston) has utilized DEUTZ Engines for over 14 years, and the collaboration has yielded positive results. The engines boast outstanding longevity and performance, allowing Sunbelt Rentals to keep their equipment operational to meet customer demands.

Moreover, the exceptional customer service provided by DEUTZ Engines has caused them to become a dependable ally of Sunbelt Rentals, and Brian Boston is confident in recommending DEUTZ Engines to others.


Sunbelt Rentals relies on DEUTZ Engines to provide a reliable solution that meets their 24/7 demands, enabling them to deliver excellent customer service. This trust-based partnership between the two companies has existed for over ten years.