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DEUTZ TCD 12.0 and TCD 16.0 Diesel Engine

6-Cylinder 12 Liter & 8-Cylinder 16 Liter Diesel Engines
322 – 697hp
Tier 4 Final

The DEUTZ TCD 12.0 and DEUTZ TCD 16.0 are watercooled 6 or 8-cylinder V engines (90°) with turbocharging and charge air cooling.

Available in Power Pack configuration.

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General Details
  • Dual SCR aftertreatment system allows the engine to produce maximum power, performance and responsiveness
  • No DPF to regenerate results in minimal maintenance and downtime
  • No EGR means maximum performance and better fuel economy
  • Engine and exhaust aftertreatment (EAT) are adapted to an optimum efficiency of the total system and therefore ensure minimum fuel and total running costs.
  • Consistent installation and connection dimensions of the engine facilitate the changeover of existing installations to the next stage of the emission legislation.
  • The extremely compact engine design and customer-friendly accessories reduce the installation costs and increase the number of applications.
  • The powerful Common Rail injection system and the electronic engine control (EMR 4) with intelligent link to the drive management ensure optimum engine performance at low fuel consumption.
  • The engines have a modular exhaust aftertreatment system (EAT) with components from the DVERT kit and optional configuration variants. This means a high flexibility in machine integration for the OEM.
  • 100% power take-off at flywheel and front end and additionally up to three PTO drives with a total torque of up to 520 Nm.
  • The engines meet the requirements of the EU Stage IIIB and US EPA Tier 4 interim with SCR. Additionally for EU Stage IV / US EPA Tier 4 with cooled external EGR and DVERT particulate filter. A variant without EAT is available as an option for less regulated markets.

Also available in Power Pack configuration.

Technical Data
Engine type TCD 12.0 V6TCD 16.0 V8
No. of cylinders68
Bore/strokemm | in132/145 | 5.2/5.7132/145 | 5.2/5.7
Displacementl | cu in11.9 | 72615.9 | 969
Max. nominal speedmin-1 | rpm1800-21001800-2100
Power output as per ISO 143961)kW | hp390 | 524520 | 697
at speedmin-1 | rpm21002100
Max. torqueNm | lb/ft2130 | 15712890 | 2132
at speedmin-1 | rpm14001400
Minimum idling speedmin-1 | rpm600600
Specific fuel consumption2)g/kWh | lb/hph194 | 0.32199 | 0.33
Weight as per DIN 70020 Part 7A3)kg | lb995 | 21941260 | 2778
1)Power data without deduction of fan power
2)Best point consumption refers to diesel with a density of 0.835 kg/dm3 at 15°C.
3)Without starter/alternator, cooler and fluids but with flywheel and flywheel housing
Torque Curves

*For specific ratings regarding EAT systems, please consult with DEUTZ application engineering.


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