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Previous Generations

DEUTZ Power Centers and Service Centers stock a wide variety of previous tier engines.

We’re always here to answer questions regarding engines from previous generations, or if you need service and parts support for them.

Please be sure to utilize us as a resource if you have questions about Tier 3 or Tier 4i engines, or have any questions on how to obtain an exception.

Previous Generation Engines

2011 Series (Tier 3 and 4i)

2 – 4 Cylinder Diesel Engines
16 – 100hp
Tier 3 & 4i

DEUTZ 2011 Series engines are 2, 3 and 4-cylinder engines with inline turbocharging, oil-cooled or optionally with an integrated cooling system. The 4-cylinder engine is also available with water cooling and charge air cooling.

914 Series (Tier 3 and 4i)

3 – 6 Cylinder Diesel Engines
40 – 174hp
Tier 3 & 4i

DEUTZ 914 Series engines are 3 to 6-cylinder, naturally aspirated engines. The engine series is purely mechanical, and well known for its robust design and compatibility with high sulfur fuels. Individual cylinder and parts interchangeability within the 914 series reduces inventory and service costs.

TCD 2012 Series (Tier 3)

4 or 6 Cylinder Diesel Engines
100 – 268hp
Tier 3

DEUTZ TCD 2012 engines are liquid-cooled 4- and 6-cylinder in-line models. They feature a compact design, as well as a high power-to-volume-ratio.

TCD 2013 Series (Tier 3)

4 or 6 Cylinder Diesel Engines
100 – 268hp
Tier 3

DEUTZ TCD 2013 engines are water-cooled 4 and 6-cylinder inline engines with turbocharging and charge air cooling.

TCD 2015 Series (Tier 3)

6 or 8-Cylinder Diesel Engines
340 – 670hp
Tier 3

DEUTZ TCD 2015 engines are water-cooled V6 and V8 engines with turbocharging, charge air cooling and four-valve technology.

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